About My Pet Refuge

My Accomplishments:

I have rehomed 25 pets already. My animals are never at risk of euthaniasia. I have three animals up for adoption!

Did You Know?

Roughly 1.5 million shelter animals are put down every year. This is approximately 670,000 dogs, and 860,000 cats.

How Am I Helping?

I have set out to find homes for as many shelter pets as I possibly can. The more pets we can get into foster homes, or forever homes, this will allow more space in shelters, and they won’t have to put any of them down anymore.

Some Statistics:

6.5 million animals enter shelters every year. More cats are euthanized each year than dogs. 30% of animals in shelters were abandoned there by their owners. Only 76% of shelter animals are saved. The rest are put to sleep.